Megan shares how she was able to recover from being unwell physically and emotionally just from attending together with a group in a close community. She was able to realize that the self healing is in within us and for that she was truly grateful.

Megan: I came into this being really unwell and physically unwell and with something that there’s no kind of medicine or anything that’s going to fix. And I came, I think what I’ve gotten out of it is, relearning how to heal myself because I have made my entire career and life out of healing others, I know I can heal.

I have just never, ever realized that it’s actually not my power, it’s a power that is in me and through me and for me as much as it is anyone else. I would say don’t think just come. If it popped into your mind and the spot’s there, it’s your spot, you’re meant to be in it. And everything else will clear the way for you to be here.

But I think someone said the word transformational, that this was transformational, and I actually think that’s an understatement. I just it’s been, it’s just beyond anything I could ever have known, and I’m truly grateful