Shay was diagnosed with stage four cancer, and after intense chemotherapy, one of her side effects was lymphedema in her leg. This made her leg swell consistently and she had to pump the fluid out of her leg twice daily. In this video, Shay shares some of the healing she experienced during the five night Live In Flow retreat here in Australia.

Shay: 18 months ago, I was diagnosed with a terminal illness and I was faced with the biggest existential crisis I’ve ever faced in my entire life. And I came across the Live In Flow Reconnect Retreat.

I decided then and there that when I survived and got through my treatment that I would gift this experience to myself because I just felt that I really, really needed it. The benefits have been truly profound. I have reconnected with myself in a way that I never thought was possible. I really do think I’ve been lost and sort of now I’ve kind of found myself.

My cancer has left me with a grade three lymphedema in my left leg, which has completely changed my life and my physical abilities. I went through a process here on this retreat and my leg is is almost as small as my good leg. It’s the smallest, I’ve seen it since I got sick 18 months ago. And I just, I can’t even believe that.

My old self would’ve never believed that that was possible. And I don’t, I know it’s still gonna take a lot of care, but all the care and energy I put into this leg is now going to include the work and the skills and the tools and the resources that I’ve learnt here on this retreat. I feel whole. I feel I’ve arrived home. I feel like I’ve got part of myself back that has been missing for so long. I’ll be living my best life, true to myself. And I couldn’t ask for anything more than that, so thank you to everyone at Live In Flow, not just the facilitators, but the people here also have helped my healing process along the way. And I’m eternally grateful for that.

Do it, do yourself a favor and just come along. Just let go. Trust that little inkling and come along and see for yourself and see yourself, meet yourself. Learn More About Live In Flow Retreats Here.