How To Manifest Abundance

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Chris is an entrepreneur and the chief of Fox wardrobes. He is a truly wonderful embodiment of letting go and allowing for positive energies to flow into life. This positivity is also very noticeable in how he expresses what he does, which is to “create space for what we value.” Chris believes that by creating space for the things we value, and thus organizing them, we in turn allow for joy and positivity to flow into our lives.

In this video, we discuss the mindset it takes to manifest more abundance and money in our lives.

– If they are listening to this right now and knowing what you know and what you’ve been through and you can 1000% relate to things that they might not appeal in their lives yet. They might not even be aware that it’s just the way that something needs to shift, but they can’t even put a word to it yet.

– Yeah.

– Because we always in the mind… What would you say to them? How would you speak to that?

– There’s so much, I want to say to that. I just like, do it, do it! I just think it’s been so valuable for me.

– Yeah.

– My personal experience, is that when I went to the first one, it was like, I got an upgrade. I went from windows,

– That’s right.

– 2010 to 2020. And now I feel like I’m goin’, I went just even volunteering but being half, like part of half it.

– And in the energy, yeah.

– I’ve upgraded again. So, I almost feel like at some level we were all information and vibration and stuff and we can kind of get stuck in an old habit.

– Yeah.

– And this is the way to just move forward further.

– Yeah.

– And, I would just say whatever you spend on yourself on personal growth. I actually think the retreat’s, it’s cheap. It’s too cheap. There’s so much value that you’re giving. I believe that what you spend on yourself, comes back to you and it’s an investment in yourself.

– But there’s no accident you’re living in this house, in this beautiful paradise and what you’ve created with your business nursing like you’re such a, heart-centered grounded-

– Thank you.

– Incredible human being, but nobody’s is actually seen the other side of what you’ve created in your life to be in this position today.

– Yeah, yeah.

– And the people that listen to that are restricted that always count in every single penny and always worried.

– Yeah.

– You get what you give.

– Yeah, yeah, that’s true, yeah.

– It’s true, but it’s such a hard concept to overcome.

– Yeah.

– Initially, you know.

– Its the, fear… It’s almost like the let go thing.

– Yeah.

– Also applies to money. I feel like, if it’s in a pool and it’s, like we’ve got a dam and a stream here,

– Yeah.

– like I always use nature as an example.

– Yeah, yeah.

– So there’s a dam and it’s gone a bit stagnant. And so the water gets a bit stale and you don’t want to swim in it. But there’s this stream and the water’s running and it’s spring fed and it’s coming, it’s clean. I just swim in, it’s beautiful. And so, I look at it with same, with money. It’s like energy. If you hoard it and you keep it there. And this is an example not just to invest in the retreat,

– Yeah. but in everything in life.

– Yeah.

– It’s like, if we hold on to the money and then we don’t want to let any go, what I’ve found in my life is that it gets stale. Whereas, if you invest in yourself or you do things that keep bringing you joy there’s that constant movement and money comes in to fill the space where money left. And it’s the same . When I moved from Sydney to here I created some space and now this beautiful experience has come up.

– Yeah.

– It’s sort of like, that letting go process, there’s so many layers to that. Really, letting go of things is so important to them move to the next thing or to have something fresh and joyful come into the experience.

– Absolutely. I remember many years ago I can’t remember who said they were reading, but to bless. So every time there was a money exchange, no matter how small or big or even if it was a bill or something else.

– Yeah.

– I didn’t want to let go of, ’cause how dare they charged me for that or this and that,

– Yeah.

– I would just bless it.

– Yeah.

– And it’s extremely powerful, and it just allows you to feel into that connection,

– Yeah.

– Feeling into that flow.

– Yeah, that’s about it.

– You know, moving forward.

– The power of finding and living joy, like high vibration emotion. So for me, if I’m in a low vibration, then the same low things keep coming. But as I move into a higher vibration, so say, I’m feeling joy, I’m feeling love, I’m feeling gratitude. So, if something like you just said, “When I give money, I bless it.” You go from going, “Oh, I don’t wanna give it” and feeling loss, that’s low vibration. So you get more loss, but if you bless it and you’re like “Thank you, thank you for this beautiful table. “Thank you for this beautiful home. “Thank you for this space.” All of a sudden, like, I’m feeling it now, like I’m feeling joy and gratitude. And then the joy and gratitude then manifests more of that joy and gratitude. And that’s what comes. And so gratefulness, joy, feeling those emotions, and having a practice that brings those two, and giving yourself permission to feel those emotions.

– Yeah.

– I would say, just lean into that because you will notice the changes in your life, the things that start coming and the speed that they start coming.

– Yeah.

– When you’re in a joyful vibration, when you’re in fun, when you’re having fun and playing like childlike sense of wonder, like just being at the retreat, just dancing, having fun. And like, we all get into it. It’s like and dancing, isn’t it a part like not necessarily.

– No, no but there was just a spontaneous moment, yeah.

– Spontaneous moment and that feeling of joy brings this stuff.

– Yeah.

– And it’s not so much… this home is so beautiful, but it’s the feelings I get being here,

– Yeah.

– that make it so valuable.

– Yeah.

– It’s not the possession. It’s the feeling

– Yeah.

– and the feeling of joy that being able to have a swim and just feeling the water being present. That’s what the work you guys are doing, dropping into the body feel like, being able to enjoy life.

– Probably.

– That’s the message I would… Yeah.

– Yeah, beautiful, thank you.

You can watch the full episode here.

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