Bonnie shares her views why she needs to get moving and decides to invest in herself and get her own peace.

Bonnie: Hi, I am Bonnie. I’m a beauty therapist from Sydney. I just think I needed to budge some old stuff, you know, just to get it, get it moving. I knew that there was a lot there. Um, there’s been a lot and, and I needed to shift it. It was like a final, okay, enough of the pain, enough of the suffering. I just knew that I could do, um, more releasing, you know, and everyone’s here with the same intention just to get free of some pain and, you know, set off on a, on a freer kind of life, you know? And the, and the way that we’re held, however, they do it, is incredible how they can hold so many, uh, people that are being vulnerable and relying on them to hold space for them and then come back and do it again the next day.

It’s crazy. That’s what is so astonishing. You know, you still feel so safe and, and you work slowly through those triggers and yeah, it’s, um, it’s in, it’s, it was incredible. And it makes me emotional. <laugh>. It’s good. You want emotional. It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s there, but it’s, I can’t even articulate really how wonderful this thing is. You know? It’s a five night. Um, but it was, um, something that I, I wasn’t, I don’t know what I expected. I just knew I had to be here. I had that, you know, that calling to do something about a bit of, you know, a bit of pain that was hanging around and, and I’ve got the tools now, you know, I’ve got the tools. <laugh>, you are like being here. It’s like there’s an analogy with a balloon that, um, Matt gives. And I really, and it’s a little squeak in the air comes out, and then another squeak and another squeak.

We’ve had about 17 squeaks <laugh>, but I feel like it’s flying off now. I really do. I was a sit on the fencer and I missed the early bird and I had my alarm set. I was away at the time and it was busy. And I went, ah, you know, I mustn’t be meant to go mustn’t it mustn’t be for me. And then it was, it was, uh, sure enough right to the death. I took it right to the death. But I think that’s not believing in that little little butterfly intuition that I got the first time, you know? So I, what, what I’d say is invest in yourself. Invest in your, your own peace. And just take the plunge, make it work somehow, and it’ll pay off. I think that is what happens. We allow our heads to get in the way of that decision. And we need not, because it’s so safe. It’s so safe here. And you’ll get a ton out of it.