After years of suffering for couple of medical issues. Kirsten shares her life-changing experience when she participated in the retreat.


So my name’s Kirsten and I am a business manager at an outdoor education facility. Uh, a bit of at crossroads in my life. So there’s a couple of, um, personal things going on for me and I had a couple of medical issues. So, uh, I’m a bit disillusioned with the, the medical profession type thing.

So I decided I wanted to try to do some alternative stuff for myself. So I have a neurological condition which affects the right side of my face and it results in a fairly severe tick and um, sort of like a permanent grimace that is, you know, happens all the time. So I’ve been living with it for eight years, been down the medical route, all that sort of stuff. And um, yeah, this is the first time I haven’t ticked.

It’s been nearly two days now since Yeah. One of the processes and I haven’t ticked in two days. So that is next level. Extraordinary. Just don’t think about it. Yeah, do it. Yeah. Really jump in boots and all. Don’t expect anything because it won’t happen anyway. It, it will just be a wild ride. Buckle up and get involved cuz you will not regret it. Not for a second.”.