Fleur shares how she left her anxiety and has completely changed through being held by the facilitators and the coming together of the group in a close community that will be in her heart forever.

Fleur: The retreat’s been life-changing. That’s probably the best, most accurate way I can describe it. I came here a very different person to what I’m leaving today, and it seems really crazy to say that in such a short amount of time, but I really feel that’s what’s happened. I’ve changed. I’ve left my anxiety at the door, and I feel amazing, yeah.

I would sum it up to say it’s just been one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. The people, the opportunity to connect with so many people, to be held by Petra, Matt, and Guy in a way that I’ve just never felt before. The space that they create is amazing. The group was incredible. I’ve never felt that before.

To come together as complete strangers. I came alone, and to leave, not wanting to leave and knowing that I’ve made connections with people that will be in my heart forever. Even if I don’t see those people again, I’ll never forget this experience.