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Megan Barker. Megan is a Midwife and Child and Family Health Nurse with over 23 years of experience. But in the past few months she has changed her path in life. After a horrible health-scare, she decided that something needed to be changed. She resigned from her job, got a tattoo, and then decided to attend a Liveinflow retreat.

Guy: Or contemplated. Cause I believe you found out the retreat literally days before. Cause I, so you clearly stepped into the unknown. But obviously the, the motivation and the pain was great enough for you to take action. Right?

Megan: Absolutely.

Guy: And I guess for the people listening to this, that are sitting on the fence. That they know that they should change, but maybe the pain’s not great enough yet. Or they’re curious. Or, what would you say to them now having been through what you’ve been through and come out the other side.

Megan: You know, I think that, you know. I think that, you know in your heart what’s not right and what needs to change. And I think that it probably feels like the one thing in your life that you can’t change you can’t afford to change. Because you’ve got so much invested in it. Whether it’s, you know, it could be a relationship, it could be a job, it could be something. For me, it was my job. And, very much my sense of identity around that. One of the reasons that it’s challenging or has been challenging for me. That feeling, it comes with a lot of love and it comes with a lot of self-worth. And, I think that that might be another reason that I shut it down for so long. Because you know, you don’t feel worthy. And so it’s so easy to shut that down. And I guess what I would say is. Listen, listen to that love. Listen to that, or see that image. Or feel that feeling. You are worth it. We’re all worth it.

Guy: Totally. And then when you put yourself in an environment with, I mean, cause obviously you stepped into a room with a bunch of strangers.

Megan: Yeah. Best thing I’ve ever done.

Guy: Right. And the friendships made. And the, heartfelt sincerity. The non-judgment. The space that’s held in the place comes. It’s a healing place.

Megan: I’m, you know, I hear myself speaking to you at the moment Guy. And, it’s almost unrecognizable to me, to the person a couple of weeks ago. And, this is because of the retreat. So, you know, this ability to say listen to your heart and you’re worth it. There’s no way I would have said that two weeks ago. Not, you know, no way. No way at all. And you know, there’s just so much that I want to say. There’s so much. There’s, I remember at the retreat. One of the, and I think that this actually came. I would never have come to this realization if I wasn’t in a group. And so, yeah. We did meditation. That healing meditation. And I was really fortunate to be, you know, the receiver of a lot of the love and energy. And, being new to meditation there was times when we would be meditating and I would be frightened to breathe again. Because I would inhale and exhale. And as I sunk down into that space between breaths, that’s when I would see visions. That’s when I would feel warmth. That’s what I would, you know, have all of these sensations. And I would be frightened that when would breathe in again, it would go away. And, when we were doing that meditation, it just came to me that it wasn’t going to go away. Because it was everyone around me. What I was seeing and what I was feeling. That warmth, that beautiful bright glow that I was absolutely encased in. Wasn’t being generated by me. It wasn’t my vision. It was the energy that was produced by the group around me. And it was running through me and it was part of me. But, bigger than me. And, that realization that as I said, I would not have come to if I wasn’t in the group. If I wasn’t at the retreat in that group. That was the realization that, that this is so much bigger. And that it’s there always for me.

– Yeah.

– And I don’t, I’m not generating it. I’m just being open to it.

– You allowed yourself to feel again.

– Yes.

– That’s the main thing.

– Yeah, that wouldn’t.

– You are amazing Megan. You did amazing. You’re amazing.

Full Episode #156 I Choose Me: Unraveling Stress To Reinvent Your Life | Megan Barker

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