This is one incredibly brave woman! Inara attended our Live In Flow retreat in August, 2 years after having open-heart surgery and a stroke 6 months before the retreat. Her transformation we witnessed in just three days was extraordinary! With a huge heart and a determined mindset, we can go way beyond what we’ve told ourselves. Are you living your highest truth and potential?

Inara: This might be important for other people who, who are thinking of coming to something like this and who might feel that they’re a little, Oh, they’ve done a lot of self-development or, um, professional development even and done a lot of reflection and introspection in the past. But I am 66 and I’ve always felt, because I was late in being born and I’ve had an issue this whole 66 years of time, not enough time rushing, even though there’s no need to rush. Right?

And in this healing experience with everyone here, I realized that I was worth waiting for. And then to really feel that… it is transforming. So I feel like Molly Meldrum ‘do yourself a favor’, besides that joke…. really. Um, it’s been a very supportive, safe environment to do this. And I don’t think I’ve ever really gone that deeply before. So don’t wait until you’re 66. Don’t be afraid. Even if you’re 88, come and thank you.