Chris shares how it is an amazing get away and healing to participate in the retreat. He was able to connect to his inner child and the hurt from his childhood to hold him and become more whole. Creating a complete upgrade with a clearer way to look at things and a heightened sense of clarity.

Chris: I’d sum it up as an amazing just, getaway from the normal day to day. And full of healing, growth, learning, and just like amazing beautiful people. I was able to just reconnect with myself as a kid and let go of some just old fears and beliefs that I had as a kid about being overweight and teased and then just being able to, I was just holding that child away for most of my life. And in that session I realized that he’s still there. And I just let him come in and gave him a hug and was able to connect with myself and I can just, I can just sort of feel him with me.

So that was like, yeah it’s just priceless really. I look at it like I’ve had a, an upgrade. So Windows 2010, now I’m Windows 2020. So I’m just yeah, just every cell just feel like it’s vibrating at a high frequency, I feel like I’m more energized. I feel like I’ve connected with myself and my wife and being able to have just an amazing time out of the day to day. So I think I’ll take back just a clearer way to look at things. I just feel like I’ve got a heightened sense of clarity.