“I surrendered into one of the processes which was the sound healing and I reached source consciousness. So I hit that gamma brain wave state and it was… There are no words in the human language that can explain that experience. And it’s something that I guess I’ll hold with me forever and eternally grateful that I had the chance to experience it here…”

Annie: So many amazing things, as you’ve probably heard from others, have occurred, and things you never expect. I guess that’s where the magic happens when you surrender to anything and not have those expectations. I guess the most obvious highlight for me and for most of the family here is when I surrendered into one of the processes, which was the sound healing, and I reached source and consciousness.

I hit that gamma brain wave state, and it was, there are no words in the human language that can explain that experience. It’s something that I guess I’ll hold with me forever, and eternally grateful that I had the chance to experience it here.

The most valuable thing to take home, there’s actually two for me. One is no matter how much work you have done on yourself and you think you’ve reached this point of knowing it all or knowing what to do next if something comes up, you really realize here that the only person that’s getting in your way is yourself. That was very significant for me.

The moment that made me realize that was when we were doing a sound meditation, and Matt actually said to me through the didgeridoo behind my head, I heard the words, “let go, and surrender,” and that’s what facilitated that amazing experience. Through that, I remember afterwards we had a chat, or the whole group had a chat, and we were sharing our experiences and what we felt.

I remember saying I had a bit of fear reaching this beautiful space in my heart now, and integrating back into life outside of the retreat. I remember looking up and seeing all the beautiful souls from all walks of life, and I couldn’t name them by name, and I couldn’t name them by their profession, or I couldn’t, they had no labels, which is amazing. They had no identity, and they had no titles, and there was just that pure love there, and acceptance for each person as they were. And that really was quite a moment for me, because it reminded me that my fear of integrating this back into my life was actually me judging the people that haven’t done this and what their reactions would be like, and where they are in life, so that was really important for me to know that I was actually projecting this onto the people outside of this retreat and kind of judging them, and that was building that fear within me.

Like I said before, it’s just yourself that gets in your own way. It’s just so many profound moments, but collectively it’s an experience that will never leave you and can only serve you better. I know I said that the three, Guy, Petra and Matt were amazing together, and they are. The force of the three of them is just incredible, but I really wanted to acknowledge their individual gifts. I’ve worked with all three of them separately, and now all together.

If I can say one thing to anyone is, if you have a bit of curiosity about wanting to explore yourself or exploring a better way or a more fulfilling way of life, then in my opinion I haven’t met anyone else as amazing to help you get through that like Petra and Matt and Guy. Especially through these retreats, they’re amazing. So, very grateful.