Ben shares how he got a lot out of the retreat and how it got him into a deeper level of consciousness. It’s been a good reset that has brought more inner peace.

Ben: It’s been awesome and fantastic, yeah. Got a lot out of it. Just the experience of the breathing, how important your breath is. And integrating that with meditation sort of has allowed me to get into a much deeper level of consciousness that I find challenging at home amongst the kids and family. So it’s just been yeah, been brilliant. Sort of been a good reset for me. I’m a firey, and my work can be fight or flight a lot of times. And I went through a period where I was quite anxious after a few jobs and I didn’t really wanna be at work to be honest. And then after finding this sort of work and meditating more and understanding it and it just, I’m being more mindful. I know it’s a bit of a cliche word at the moment but it is, that’s the truth of it.

Like meditation helps me be more mindful in everyday decisions and so when I’m turning up to a job I’m just, I just get into a better head space so I’m not so anxious, not so pent up. I’m just more relaxed, I’m conscious, but I’m more relaxed if that makes sense. I’m just, I can turn up to the job, I can understand it and I can get there without being in an angry fight or flight state. Anywhere near as much as I used to.

So then I come home from work and I’m not as pent up or not as you know constricted as I used to be and I’m just get on with, and I can integrate what I’ve done from work back to home. And get into the chaos of kids. But you know, just take it on board easier. I just seem to manage things a lot better. I feel super relaxed. Yeah, I just feel content and yeah, I feel just really happy and so glad I’m here.