Finding Zen when the world is falling apart

You all know by now that we like to have a positive outlook on life. But we can’t sugar coat it…the past two years have been intense to say the least.

And whatever your belief system or coping mechanisms, walking headfirst into a global pandemic where no one – not even our leaders – really seem to know the next move has been a constant source of stress and anxiety for even the calmest of souls.

What is Zen? 

While the concept of Zen is open to personal interpretation, essentially, when we talk about finding your Zen, we’re talking about coming to a place of peace.

You’re aware of the world and your place in the universe, but simultaneously, you can drown out the outside noise and restore calm in your mind.

And for many, this has been harder than usual since the pandemic hit.


Families have been separated, finances have suffered, and the uncertainty has led to ongoing anxiety that has become more difficult to avoid. When even our leaders fail to provide consistency and logic, it is no surprise that for many of us, it feels like the world is falling apart.

But just because it’s been harder to find Zen, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Here are our recommendations for finding Zen when the world is (quite literally!) falling apart.

  • Turn off the news

While it might be helpful to stay informed of world events, social media and online news pages mean we’re now exposed to world events 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And if we go internet searching, there are zero limits to the online content available for us to consume.

Before you scroll, it’s important to remind yourself that there’s a lot of money in sensationalist content. Journalists get paid the big bucks to create headlines that encourage people to click on their stories.

While you might want to know what’s going on in the world, we encourage you to set yourself some boundaries and search the internet in a controlled manner.

Commit to checking the news and your social media for a maximum of 10 minutes a day and switch off notifications. Give yourself the power of what you read and break the habit of mindless scrolling to avoid sensationalism infiltrating your mind.

  • Turn to those who inspire you

When the world feels like it’s falling apart, it can be tempting to retreat into your cocoon and try and block outside influences out. We encourage you to turn to those in your community who can uplift you and encourage you in your belief system. In times of craziness, it’s more important than ever that you draw strength from like-minded people who can remind you of what’s important when nothing else seems to make sense.

  • Stick to a routine

With life changing at the drop of a hat, a positive routine is more important than ever.

Begin every day with some healthy habits. Consider breathwork, meditation, journaling, exercise and a nutritious breakfast. These healthy habits will help you start the day with clarity and calmness and stand you in good stead for the rest of the day.

  • Focus on your reality

With so much exposure to everything that CAN go wrong, it’s easy to get caught up in the worst-case scenario. Dial into your personal reality and try not to focus on the things that MIGHT go wrong and instead give gratitude for everything that’s going right.

We understand that doesn’t stop the potential for disaster, but it does create the positivity essential for finding your Zen.

  • Breathe

Breathwork is our go-to, number one power that keeps us strong and on the road to Zen. And the most exciting part about that is that we all have the potential for breathwork to make a difference in our lives, starting today!

Regular breathwork can help the following:

  • Improve overall health
  • Block out the external noise
  • Rationalise heightened emotions
  • Connect to a higher self
  • Calm anxious thoughts

If you’re not doing regular breathwork, we can’t emphasise how important it is that you start today!

  • Express yourself

It’s OK to be scared, angry or anxious about what the future holds. The issue comes when you unpack and live in the negativity.

Avoid trying to pretend everything’s OK when it really isn’t. Give yourself permission to cry, scream and vent, but then gather your thoughts and refer to the previous steps. Keeping emotions bottled up only means they’ll come out at another time, so release your feelings in a controlled manner and never apologise for this!

  • Focus on what you can control

When the world feels like it’s falling apart, it might feel like nothing is within your control but this is rarely the case. There is always something you can control even if that’s as simple as choosing to nourish your body daily with healthy food and exercise, taking 10 minutes out of your day for breathwork, or something more significant such as re-training in a new area. Make a conscious effort to identify the areas of your life you can do something about to regain the feeling of control when nothing else seems to make sense.

  • Remind yourself of the power of change

Once the storm has passed, ask yourself what you have learnt and how have you changed. What opportunities are now available, and how can you use those lessons to move forward in the light and create an even better future for yourself and those around you?

For many, the world has felt like it is falling apart in the past two years, but these tips also apply to any personal situation where it feels like there’s no way out. If you’re struggling to find Zen, why not start with our FREE 7 Days of Meditation Program? You can download it here.

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