How To Meditate With KIDS

How To Meditate with Kids


We often get asked, how do I meditate when I have children constantly distracting me?

In this short video, we break down a few points that can help make it fun to meditate with your children.

– What should you do when your kids interrupt your morning meditation halfway through it’s

– Kids are playful kids are actually more Connected To Source and we were wanting to be anyway, so why not utilize that as an opportunity to play and explore our own energy? It’s hilarious because as I drop in like I always do a practice right tone into the Divine two-tone in the Solar source, and like as I click in just as I’m dropping in like nineteen, ninety nine percent of the time a child is right there.

– “Daddy Daddy.” It’s like they just sense it as soon as you start to like your attention your awareness it goes away from them. It’s Shoot and you’re into like all of creation or in your meditation, whatever so when I’m on my game, I usually stay grounded in myself and I use it as an opportunity to actually really anchor in my practice.

– There are five and seven. So they’re just crazy lunatics, but I’m they’ll come and they’ll jump on my head or they’re like, you know start poking me or like Katie likes the open my eyes
and I’m and and all this kind of stuff and if I just stood there long enough eventually they’ll drop in I’ll drop in with me and it’s fascinating. There’s been these moments and or like I’m toning and one of the kids who just come and sit in my lap and just feel the vibrations with me
and it’s like it’s so fun to just play with that.

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