How Meditation Shifted 25 Years Of Back Pain

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This is mind-blowing. Sharon attended our Live In Flow retreat in August 2019, and here she shares how it helped shift her long suffering back pain.

– That you mentioned about it, I think it was a hip injury. ‘Cause you’ve got shifting a 25 year old physical injury.

– Yeah.

– That many treatments and lots of dollars couldn’t shift. That’s probably going to be the title of this podcast. ‘Cause when I read that, I’m like, I want to know.

– So when I was 21, I was doing a full time dance course ’cause I was going to be a dancer. I think I got through about three quarters of it and I couldn’t continue because I had the issue with my left lower back, like the sacrum joint there. And I couldn’t dance. Like I would try and I would, and I couldn’t keep doing the course. And the physio at the time said, “you’ve got a six year old woman’s back”. So that’s what he said.

– That was nice.

– Yeah, nice luckily, and then I saw lots of physios to try and relieve it. Physios, chiropractors, osteos, reiki, practitioners And more recently in the last few years a craniosacral therapist. And I had spent so much money on it. It really flared up after, I had my second child and I went to see this osteo who’d been recommended. And he said, “oh it’s done like correctly. He did a great job”. And he correctly worked out that it was due to my left, that particular spot in my back. And it was for 18 months that he tried to fix that. And he was kind of putting it into a place that he thought it should be. But then obviously my body was just going well, that’s not where it needs to be. But it was obviously now I know it was obviously a holding in there and he was saying, “I just need to unlock it”. And in the end I just went, I got so frustrated because, I would see him, I’d be okay for about three days and then it would just be an issue again. And I was in so much pain. But that back had been a problem for a long time. I would walk, go for walks and it would just seize up on me and I’d be just standing there going, “I’ve just got to let it pass”, and let that pain subside. So then, I think it was the last night of the retreat. After the divine vibing session that we did with Matt, that was actually the time when I connected with my grandfather in that session. And I was just able to experience just the most incredible feeling and sensations. Anyway, that not, I was asleep, always wake up. I always wake up during the night. I thought, And of course when you’re in the retreat, your body, you can feel the energy in your body and you can feel the energy and need different shock ’cause and you can access it a lot more easily because you’re in that sort of environment. So I just went trying sort of work with my shark crows. And I got to a point where I almost had turned them, I could just feel all of them. And I had all this energy like flowing through my body. I was wide awake, definitely wide awake. I was like, “wow that’s really cool”. And then my hip just started moving and unwinding.

– And you could feel it

– It was the biggest shift. So it was just unwinding and moving. And I think it had learned that from the treatments with the craniosacral therapist, ’cause it was similar sort of movements that unwinding. It was a bit like I sort of liken it to when you pop corn. And so it starts Soft, slow, and then it builds and builds and builds and then it starts to slow down again. And that’s what it was like. And it went on for a really long time, but I remember going, okay, “this is kind of really strange”, but accepting as well because I had experienced it before. And so then I turned over and I remember going, I met at, towards the end of it. It just stretched out as long as, it could possibly stretch out. Like I could feel this real stretching my whole internal body. And then I rolled over and just went, “Oh my goodness. My back feels completely different”. It was just so much looser and freer. So that was, what happened. And then I was able to do, I’m able to do yoga so much better now too, because I can actually rather than going, “I can’t do that movement because I’m all stiff”. And so I can actually get in and do the movement from inside. Yeah, It’s crazy.

– That was crazy.

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