What Do You Want To Attract & Illuminate In Your Life


One of the greatest difficulties for attracting what we want in our life is to be clear on what we actually want.

Here we discuss four pillars that help us become closer whatever it is we want to truly attract and illuminate in our lives.

– And then the question is what do you want to illuminate in your life? And it’s then take action and make movement. Do things in your life to create an impact. You know they break too. You’ve got awareness as the first quadrant. Then you’ve got acceptance being the second quadrant feeding into intension and then action. And if you look at those four components, those four components together create a solid foundation then for us to start to one gain more awareness the first quadrant. Open into and allowing into that flow. And then intentionally create action moving forward from a heart-centered place. And we go well into depth into it in our retreats and our deeper work. But the whole construct of just sitting with that idea of awareness first, acceptance, intention, and action really start to get the gears turning and really start to open you up then to how do I first gain a greater perspective of who I am internally? What’s going on in my life externally? And then how do I embrace the fullness of it? It’s like a self-loving thing in that acceptance. If you can accept what is, then you’re allowing life to move through you instead of fighting your way through life. And then from that space of awareness and acceptance you’ve got some momentum then to drop into an intention. Which basically becomes the focal point of… We talked about that field of light bulbs. It’s like we had this current of life wanting to move through us. And our lives become this field of different light bulbs and it can be positive things or negative things that we’re shining light on. Putting a charge through to create an energy. To create an experience. And then the question is what do you want to illuminate in your life? And is it heart-focused stuff from an intention of heart-full focus or is a restrictive kind of space? Then take action and make movement. Do things in your life to create an impact.

– Then what came to mind then that I think about often as I embody those pillars is that I know I’m sure everyone watching this as well would agree we’re not the same person we were five years ago or 10 years ago if we look back. We’ll be able to look back at ourselves with a greater level of awareness to the person we probably were back then because we’re in the school of life. We’re growing. We’re continually getting pushed, and prodded, and stretched. So growth comes from that as we live and experience life. And for me I know five from years from now I’m gonna be at a greater level of awareness to where I am now. And having the humility to realize that. But then there’s things in my life that I need to deal with and begin to accept and be able to move through. So when I get to that five years from now I know how to move that. And then it’s bringing an intention and an action behind that as life continues to change and evolve. ‘Cause life is changing and continually evolving, right? And we don’t wanna resist the change. So in my mind I’m like, well how can I condense that time down and start to bring that acceptance in more? And I’ll bring in that awareness more now. Bring in that intention and action more now as opposed to continually just waiting and getting pushed around and allowing life to knock us around as opposed to gaining the greater level of awareness with all those tools. And then being able to hold a resilience and empowerment within myself. Like you said, Matt, and then being able to direct that into what do I want to illuminate in my life? Where do I want to actually direct myself moving forward? And that’s how I kind of see that play out in myself.

– Absolutely.

– Petra, would you like to add anything before we wrap up the conversation?

– There’s nothing left to add.

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