Avoid This Common Mistake With Your Meditation Practise

Meditation challenge


This is something to be aware of if you have a regular meditation practice or are new to it and want to avoid some common misconceptions.

Quite often we go chasing the experiences without paying attention to the experiences we get gifted daily.

– I think I’ve said this a month before, but a journalist was interviewing me last year or the year before, and he said, “Look, this is my bugbear about meditation.” And I was like, “Oh, what’s that?” And he said, “I know people that meditate, “and I still don’t like them as a person. “They’re not very nice.”

– You know, from my experience and my journey, I’ve done lots of different types of work, and modalities, and learned different techniques and things, and a large majority of it was separate from my life. In that I would go through processes or practices, and then it’s like, Okay, this is in this little bubble of my spiritual, personal development kind of work. And then there’s my life, which is, a lot of my life has been upside down and chaotic, and not as I had planned. And so it’s like, how do I actually implement this into my life? Was the critical component. And I think a lot of work misses that construct of that we’re actually in physical bodies for a reason. You know, it’s not this out of this world kind of a pursuit is actually bringing that expanse, that the wine that you speak of, the wine.

– The wine.

– Petra back in to our lives and our everyday moments. And then if the, the ultimate progression then is that if we can live from a consciously aware state, a meditative state in each moment with our eyes open, right, Guy?

– Yeah. I love it. No, I won’t interrupt. Please keep going.

– You can.

– It just reminded me of, I think I’ve said to someone before, but a journalist was interviewing me and he said, “Look, “this is my bugbear about meditation.” And I was like, “Oh, what’s that?” And he said, “I know people that meditate “and I still don’t like them as a person. “they’re not very nice.”

– That’s it, that’s it.

– And I laugh because it’s what we do with our eyes open during the day is the true active meditation. Right?

– Exactly.

– Just having a practice and then going back to our old self isn’t the answer, expecting that to fix it.

– No, it’s yeah, it’s, it’s kind of ironic. The most unconscious people I’ve met are in conscious communities. So, it’s kind of a oxymoron.

– Because it’s such a great escape, you know?

– 100%

– There’s this huge trap. If you have a, you know, some issues and challenges in your life, and then you think, okay, I might start meditating or doing this practice or that practice and everything will work out. No, it won’t. If you don’t take care of it in your everyday life, nothing will, you know, change because you cannot escape from your life. We all came here for a reason. We came to experience being in our bodies, living these lives, and we have to do the work, and work is of course in meditation and, you know, getting all the downloads and information, and being wiser and more aware. But then we really have to face the challenges that we have, right?

– Mmm.

– Again.

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