Harvard Study Reveals #1 Key To Happiness

How to find peace and happiness in life

Harvard recently revealed the results for their longest study in history on happiness… Can you guess what the number one factor to happiness was?

We break it down into three components. If practiced daily we believe your life will enrichen in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine.

– Yeah that’s the key question. It’s this idealistic thing, isn’t it? to want to live in flow or have this concept of what flow is but what is the driving force behind that why are we so fixated on this, the sense of flow in our lives? and I think it comes down to wanting to be happy wanting to be fulfilled, wanting to live life to the fullest.

– Quite often, it’s hard to be happiness if we’re constantly striving for something outside ourselves to fulfill a need and happiness within us. So there was a great big study in Harvard and there’s many years I’ve got the stats, I won’t bore you with the stats so much but they spent a lot of millions of dollars researching working with a lot of people over a huge spectrum of time. I think a kind of decades of people finding out what is the key to happiness and the number one result was connection. Rather than it is from that I think is so valuable.

– Yeah, I mean, it was just the moment that it really got so clear when we had this conversation a few days ago that through the work we do we actually become connected with ourself, with the community that we create whether on our live events or online events as well and connection to the source, to God. And I think that connection if we had all the three components together, it’s just that’s it. if we are connected to ourselves right to our hearts, we live a true purpose. We live from the heart every day. If we have the sense of connection with people that love us and that we love and if we feel connected to the divine and guided and loved, what do we need, right?

– Why do you think though, and it’s human nature and I’ve been guilty of this as much as the next person. We deny ourselves that connection because we get into these states and some sometimes we get into these disabilities and states and if it comes back to the essence of actually reconnecting back to ourselves, reconnecting to people within our lives and actually being aware and reconnecting as the source. There is a source energy as well that’s tangible.

– It’s from here to learn, right? I mean living on earth is being in a school and we come to learn some lessons and we wouldn’t be able to learn it unless we would have this drive to find a connection with ourselves if we wouldn’t have the drive to get into various relationships with people in order to learn lessons and also to remember that we are actually always not connected to the one, we are divine. But that’s the beauty of the life, to be evolving and figuring it out along the way.

– Have you got anything to add on that?

– No, not at the moment. I think you hit it on the head there

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