Attracting new people into your life

You know the drill.

You’re delving deep into doing the work, and suddenly the people around you aren’t bringing as much joy as they once were.

You find you’re not being encouraged and leave social events feeling uninspired and drained.

While it can be confronting when you notice yourself distancing from your current relationships or when it dawns on you that the people around you no longer make up your tribe, it can also lead to more significant issues. Mainly, you might want to know how to create the connections to help you thrive.

We understand that you want to spend time with people on the same page who inspire and encourage you on your journey. If this rings true for you, be encouraged that we hear you and we understand you!

We’ve been doing this work for a while now, and we’ve all been through the transformations that helped us find our village.

Here’s our advice for when you know it’s time to attract new people in your life.


The first step to attracting new people in your life is to accept that’s what needs to happen.

When you’re talking about long-term friends or relationships, it can be hard to acknowledge that the people around you are no longer adding any value to your life. It’s well-known that friendships are for ‘a reason, a season or a lifetime’ and accepting this is the first step to making friends who are for your next reason or season.

Don’t feel bad

Even the longest standing of relationships can end on a good note. As you spend your time with people and activities that fill your cup, the people around you will feel the energy shift. It’s likely they’ll take a natural step back.

If they don’t, don’t be scared to speak openly and honestly about the things that excite you and what you want to achieve. In some cases this can encourage them. But, if not, understanding that sometimes friendships end and if you feel it in your heart to step back, that’s perfectly OK for you to do so. With openness, honesty and transparency, any break in relationships should happen without animosity.

Don’t judge it

If you’re craving fresh energy and want to step away from the people around you, don’t judge it. Matt sums it up perfectly when he says that connection is our natural state of being, and when we connect with ourselves, we’ll connect with others on the same page.

We can spend a lot of time and energy beating ourselves up for not wanting to carry on relationships and searching for new connections, but this is nothing more than wasted energy. Focus on tuning into your energy and following where it guides you.

Be open and patient

If you’ve committed to doing the work, there may be a period where you have to walk away from some relationships before others are ready to come into your life.

The relationships might be romantic, friends or colleagues. Be patient with yourself and those around you. You might experience periods of isolation or loneliness but identify those emotions and remember without doubt the power of timing. Use this time to carry on with the work trusting that the people will be brought into your life when the time is right, and not a minute sooner.

Be the person you want to meet

If you’re looking for people who are kind, enthusiastic, grateful and deep, be all of those things yourself. This will help you resonate more with the people coming in. There’s little point identifying who you want in your life if you’re not that person too. Like attracts like so work on yourself first and the influences you want in your life will be drawn to your energy and gravitate towards yours.

Attracting new people in your life who can support, lift you up and encourage you on your journey isn’t an overnight process. It takes time, commitment to yourself and commitment to honouring yourself.

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