Your body is a messenger: What are persistent headaches trying to tell you?

While recurring pain in the body has most people reaching for the painkillers or rushing to the nearest GP, physical pain doesn’t always stem from a physical ailment.

With ongoing and chronic headaches particularly, if your go-to remedies aren’t working, it’s time to consider your physical pain as a deeper messenger that could be trying to tell you something about the world you’re living in.

Guy, Petra and Matt have put together some tips on identifying the cause of physical pain (concerning chronic and ongoing headaches) to help you manage the symptoms from the soul rather than the medicine cabinet.

Is there too much in your head?

In today’s modern world, many people wear ‘busy’ as a badge of honour. We’re mistakenly led to believe that busyness equals achievement. If you’re asked ‘how’s work?’, telling anyone you’re not busy will instantly lead to the perception that you’re not working hard enough! Combine work with quality time with the family, a healthy social life and staying active, and before you know it, every hour is filled…and not always with the things that matter.

Add some relationship or financial problems into the mix and bouncing from work to activities without time and space to breathe can easily present as an ongoing headache.

Consider the headache as a sign that there’s too much in your head. This is an ideal time to see how you can streamline areas of your life. Look at introducing systems such as to-do lists (handwritten or electronic), time blocking and prioritising. Perhaps, most importantly, it’s time to get discerning about what and who you do and don’t need to spend time on in your life.

You’re trying too hard to think of a solution

When we have a specific problem, it can be tempting to forget everything we know and try to find our own solution rather than let the answers flow.

When the answers don’t come, the pressure can build up in the head and need releasing. If you’re experiencing chronic and ongoing headaches, explore your 3D reality and consider writing down your list of problems. Get truly honest with yourself about how hard you’re trying to find a solution. Being out of flow can lead to increased pressure as you try and rely on your physical self for solutions.

What does your inner eye want you to see?

The third eye (or ajna) sits in the centre of the head. The chakra is linked to awareness, perception. intuition and spiritual connection. If the pain is a messenger, ask if there’s something you’re not seeing concerning what your soul sees. This could be a relationship issue, an upcoming business decision or a guide for the direction of your next journey.

While we don’t offer modern medical guidance and encourage you to seek medical intervention if headaches persist, we have seen evidence that the body sends the soul messages when it’s out of flow or alerting you to something bigger.

If you have ongoing and persistent headaches, treat yourself on a holistic level considering the mental, emotional, physical and soul aspects of the pain.  Consider our Free 7 days of Meditation, ideal for those who feel disconnected from themselves and want to reclaim power. Find out more HERE.

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