Why does this work make me feel worse?

Whether you’re new to this work or you’ve been living in alignment for a while, there will have been a time where you started to feel worse before you felt better.

Instead of feeling on top of the world as you were promised, you’re instead lacking energy, your mood is low and you might even feel frustrated or irritated. If you felt well without meditation and before you started to live in heart alignment, feeling worse can feel like you’re hitting a brick wall.

But while it can be common to feel worse at some points, that doesn’t mean it’s time to turn back to your old way of living.

Once you understand why you feel worse, it becomes easier to break through the barriers.


The way you lived your life is what brought you to doing this work. The high energy levels from before cannot be sustained which is why you’re looking for a new way to live with high energy but without depleting yourself in the long run.

Stress is an incredibly significant contributor to sickness and exhaustion and once you commit to resetting, the body realises there’s nothing left in the tank and the nervous system is overworked.

If you’ve been filling your energy with work, relationships or anything else that kept you away rom your heart, once you start to change those habits is when exhaustion sets in and the body feels like it’s shutting down.

Reconditioning the mind

Once you start to acknowledge one area of life that needs work, you become aware of everything else you’ve been turning a blind eye to for years.  Whether you’ve been in denial or genuinely weren’t aware, often once the work starts, you get a lot more than you bargained for and you end up having to reframe a lot of scenarios and relationships.

This reconditioning of the mind makes you feel sore and achy just the same as when you start working out to recondition the physical body.

So now you know why the work makes you feel worse, here are some things you can to help yourself feel better through the journey.

Daily movement

If you’re feeling low, it can be tempting to avoid movement but exercise in some form is crucial to the healing journey. Whether you do a weights session in the gym, or simply a soul-nourishing walk, not only does exercise build your physical strength, but it can also promote blood flow, aid better sleep and increase energy levels. Be careful of high intensity sessions if energy levels are depleted as this can make you feel worse.

Daily meditation

The emotional benefits of meditation aren’t felt overnight but over time, a commitment to daily meditation resets the nervous system allowing you to think clearer and with more clarity.

Go into nature

Regularly going into nature is absolutely essential to help ground yourself and bring yourself back to centre. Not only that, a walk on the beach or in the bush can help calm the mind and support daily meditation practices.


Eat foods that nourish your body, increase energy levels and are gentle on the gut to aid digestion. You are what you eat, and food plays a significant part in how you feel physically so avoid anything that causes bloating, discomfort or depletes energy after a meal.

You’re likely to be exhausted once you start doing the work and your body will crave sleep. Commit to regular sleeping patterns to get quality sleep and rest as often as your body needs. There’s no limit to how much sleep you’ll need, you’ll know when you’ve had enough.

Get comfortable with discomfort

If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not giving yourself the opportunity for growth. Many in our western society are in the habit of creating a comfort bubble to keep ourselves safe and secure, financially, emotionally and in relationships. While this comfort is what we’re used to, it also keeps us dependent on the physical aspects of our world and disconnected from our source.

Keep going

As you work through the pain and discomfort, you’ll find that day by day you become stronger and more equipped to deal with life from a greater physical, emotional and spiritual standpoint. Feeling low while you’re doing the work is a GOOD thing! Just keep going…




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