Vulnerability: How boldly acknowledging emotions has the power to change your life

What if you could speak your emotions without fear of consequence?

Or, if you knew you could take any emotional risk without care if things don’t work out how you hoped?

Because this is vulnerability in its purest form.

And while, for many, vulnerability is a scary concept, for others, it is a behaviour that can free you up to live a life in true alignment without any limits.

Wow…powerful stuff!

What is vulnerability?

Vulnerability is any action that involves emotional exposure regardless of the outcome.

For many, the temptation to display vulnerability is overruled by limiting beliefs. Fear of failure, fear of rejection or a deep need for perfectionism are all examples of why some people can’t – or won’t – show complete vulnerability.

Vulnerability is relevant in relationships, in the office and in your physical body.

And we can’t get enough!

Much as showing vulnerability can be nerve-wracking or feel like it comes with great risk, here’s why you should get comfortable with being vulnerable, starting today!

Builds relationships

Vulnerability without fear of judgement helps build relationships on another level. Not bowing to the fear of your emotions helps you empathise, listen, share and is critical to building trust. Vulnerability towards yourself and others also builds self-awareness. Also essential in relationships.

Helps us evolve

Vulnerability helps us identify areas that need work so we can evolve emotionally, physically and spiritually. Often the ego can be too proud to highlight our shortfalls. Raising awareness of these by being vulnerable can help identify the areas that need work. When you truly get comfortable with vulnerability, you are no longer afraid to point those areas for growth out to yourself or others giving complete freedom for development.

Brings peace

When you’re truly vulnerable, you know that you’re enough for your relationships, your work, and your place in your community which can bring peace on another level. When you’re not afraid to highlight areas that require growth, or tell people how you truly feel, you sleep better at night knowing that you’re enough.

How to embrace vulnerability

Pre-wired limiting belief systems mean that many people avoid vulnerability. Reasons can stem from perfectionism, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough or fear of rejection. But the good news is that anyone can get past limiting beliefs to get truly comfortable with being vulnerable.

Be aware of your emotions

The first step in getting vulnerable is to understand your emotions and learn how to express them positively. Often, a feeling of embarrassment can be covered up with arrogance, humour or anger. Identifying the core feeling will help you express it clearly, so you can work through it.

Understand your values

Identifying the values and living in alignment with these will help you live vulnerably. Leaning into your personal and professional values will help you live towards your purpose and embrace vulnerability.

Stay in the present

Gratitude, meditation and breathwork are all essential tools to help you stay in the present and lose the idea of what a scenario should ‘be’. By losing assumptions for the future and living from moment to moment, there becomes less fear – and greater reward –  in speaking your emotional truth.

Get into the habit

Like many actions, being vulnerable is a habit that can be reinforced over time. Get into the habit of identifying and speaking your feelings out loud regardless of who’s listening. The more you get comfortable with vulnerability, the more you’ll honour yourself and those around you to lie in true alignment with your heart and soul.

Far from being a sign of weakness, vulnerability has the power to change your life on a whole new level.

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