Why Does My Body ‘Shake’ With CHARGED ENERGY When I Meditate?


A common misconception with meditation is that it’s simply to help quieten the mind.

When done with the right mentoring and guidance, you can begin to increase the level of energy that moves through the nervous system helping this system reorganise itself for greater and positive affects on the body.

– It feels like I’m plugged into a charge and sometimes I have what feels like a Tremor going through my body and especially my legs. Should I be more mindful of what I do and I feel like The Supercharged meditation you were healing sessions or just keep observing and see what happens?

– The way I relate to is that my autonomic nervous system and nervous system is slowly starting to upgrade and starting to learn and be able to transfer energy and frequency more freely through the body, but then we’ve got it’s almost like I don’t know. I think I use even you used this analogy map once like blowing crud out of a hose pipe when clearing.

– Yeah,

– And I feel like that energy is finding its way into different block paths and so forth and we do become more sensitive to it, you know in this energy but I always know since I’m the worker that so many years now that I feel like there’s my body is actually evolving to cope with higher levels of frequency.

– There are actually two reasons for that to happen one is what you’ve been saying is that the energy is being just downloaded and our bodies and minds are trying to adjust to that and the energy just is going through our body and and clearing blocks and Also, it’s our bodies and minds are trying to integrate this new information that we are receiving.

– The other thing is that our body is remember everything that we’ve been through in our lives and we store on certain level. We saw information. So any trauma that we could have whether it’s a small or a big trauma and we didn’t deal with it properly at that time and We left it where we live the memory the emotional charge contracted in our body. And now when we are studying working to work with energy that’s stored energy.

– Just trying to find its way out and our bodies are shaking because they are releasing what we are being caring for years or decades. So it’s just a chance to free ourselves. So why do the does disease develop usually it’s because we’ve been carrying so long memories and stuff that we didn’t process sadness, shame, guilt, fear and it just starts to weaken our physical bodies if we don’t deal with properly and then the illness develops. So this way it’s we allow energy to flow. We allow that store energy to go out and we are going back to the balanced and centered State.

– Interestingly enough right guys the first Default mechanism because it’s a new experience. We just put fear to it. But yet it’s actually a very liberating freeing thing to happen. And when that side of the body we know right?

– It’s a blessing just go with the ride. Yes. It’s amazing you’re healing and you don’t need you don’t need to understand what is happening. Just trust the process again trust your body and the energy knows what to do.

– When you look out there and you see people struggling and I coming up against it or their own selves and running in the program day in day out and and I think how lucky we are to be able in a position to know this work exists and that it’s actually happening and it’s our time to leaning and learn this like it’s such a beautiful thing. It’s such a beautiful thing, you know, and I’m so grateful for that every day. And I think if we can bring that beginner’s mind and not exploration just like a child again, I want to learn to surf and it’s happy to ride a couple of waves knowing he’s not going to get hurt, you know, and then all of a sudden you get on the Thriller the ride which is which is exciting.

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