Living Life From a Place of “Surrender”


– I would be interested in your definitions of surrender because I’m finding it means different things to different people.

– I believe there’s like a universal laws of life and there’s almost like a universal flow like a river that we can we can jump into and allow it to take us if I get too much in my head I Stray From This flow and this flow is taking me places, but I Stray because then all my beliefs and fears and different things might get in the way and then it’s it’s stopping this this flow comes through me, but if I’m willing to a sort of work on becoming the conscious observer and not running from the program’s of who I think I am but coming back to my truth.

– Then I start knowing from the heart that I have actions or I take actions and I’m making decisions in line with all this and then I continued as an expansion of myself moving forward. So that surrender is then a Detachment from not necessarily outcome because all we have is now on life is happening now, so if I can Keep reminding myself this this moment right now is where it’s at. Then flow will come from that and surrender comes from that and it all comes back to the moment.

– This story that my one of my teachers used to tell me and he said you want to know how much control you have in life ghost and like in the center of the intersection of the stoplight and until the traffic to stop or go and it’s like that’s kind of like the like a metaphor for life, right? It’s like if the stoplight is like creation. Life that’s you know, stopping and going and just flow in and just moving away at once, you know, one time traps going this way when time is going this way when I was coming right at ya one time.

– It’s just going with you and it’s like you can sit there and say, oh the traffic is coming right at me. I got to stop at stop that it’s not gonna stop to that light changes, right? And so it’s like that that to me is surrender. You just got to kind of be there under that light and here comes the traffic or shit. We’re going to deal with that and then always go on that way cool. It’s going that way and that way but you’re in the flow with it.

– Trusting trusting life realigning everyday and and really letting go of control and just acts despite the fear and then life will really start rewarding that trust and really start sending you little and big synchronicities the serendipitous that you really can get like a confirmation. Okay. This is the right way to go. So just continue surrendering and trusting and then you will really know that you’re on the right path.

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