How To Deal With People That Trigger You

emotional triggers

Question asked: “What do we then do with this emotion? For example, my father-in-law is a trigger, and when I hear him coming or know that they have to work with him in the day, I feel myself getting an angry attitude.

And this is coming from feeling that my space is not being respected. And what I want to do in my day is not respected, and that I am not a child anymore to be bossed around. Is that a mirror back to me, of something that I’ve accepted myself, or more of a boundary to be set?”

In this video, we discuss our thoughts to emotional triggers and how to deal with them.

It’s clearly showing you what you need to heal. And it’s also, clearly showing you that you feel, that you need to start, taking space for yourself. And actually you answered your own question. You said, “I’m not a child anymore”. So step into the adult role and start taking care of yourself, and start, setting healthy boundaries with love. And, you know, anger is always, hiding many more feelings underneath. So really dive in and see how you’re actually feeling and be grateful to your father-in-law because he’s here to show you what needs to be healed. And know that this relationship can change in a way that you will be able to function beautifully’ in private life and at work as well. When you heal what you need to heal inside of yourself. So maybe yes, it is about setting your boundaries, speaking up for yourself, saying, what’s okay for you and what’s not okay for you.

-I couldn’t agree more. I think you nailed it right there. And it is difficult with family, isn’t it? You know, the closest somebody is to you the bigger the trigger, but you’re right. And I I’ve found that it’s interesting that I can only track back from my own journeys, right? But I’ve found in my life, the more I’ve accepted myself for who I am, actually nurtured and loved that aspect of myself worth, myself love and really become my identity. The triggers tend to fall away more and more. It’s just an interesting concept. So it’s like, as you work on yourself and like you say start to create that self-love and create those boundaries these things start to shift and turn, as you start to shift. And then you are able to hold yourself, in a high vibration at the end of the day. And then, hold that space for yourself more and more, and it doesn’t need to be met with aggression or anger, but it’s a default mechanism because it’s keeping us from actually looking at what’s underneath all of that.

– ’cause the external is just an echo of what’s going on internally we often forget that.

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