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How do you know if meditation visions indicate forgotten trauma?

When you’re deep in meditation, you might get a vision in your head that you can’t get rid of.

While you might be certain of the vision, what isn’t always clear is what it means.

We know that traumatic memories can be suppressed in everyday consciousness. Only when the brain enters a higher level of consciousness during highly emotional states or slower brain waves state can these memories be retrieved. Often without warning or awareness.

What do these visions mean?

If a vision you experience during a meditative state causes a physical reaction such as uncontrollable crying, sadness or a fast heartbeat, this may indicate past trauma that has been blocked out, but it might mean something else completely.

Guy, Petra & Matt have dedicated their lives to helping people heal. Here, they offer insight into whether a vision may indicate past trauma you need to work through, and if so, how you can tell.

Petra: “Trust that you will receive more information as you need it”

There is a reason why this memory or image came to you. So regardless of whether it is real or just a metaphorical way of your subconscious mind sending you a message, it’s helping you heal. Just trust that if you need more information about that event, it will be revealed to you.

Your subconscious mind and your body are so wise. They will keep sending you messages in a way that you’re ready to process them, adjust them and heal.

Petra: “Allow yourself to feel the feelings”

Also, know this vision can be a metaphor for something else. The most important thing is that you allow yourself to feel the feelings, cry, take care of yourself, and then let it go. If the next meditation is a pleasant experience, it shows that the feelings you needed have been felt.

Petra: “Don’t dig if you don’t need to”

Don’t try too hard. You are blocking the natural, magical flow of healing by trying to solve or understand things from the level of the rational mind. You can’t force your healing. There is a reason if it takes more time than you expect. Trust and let it be revealed instead of forcing it.

Petra: “Trust that you’re healing”

By doing this work, you get more and more in touch with yourself, your intuition, and your subconscious mind. Don’t try to think too much about it. There’s so much more than what we can perceive and understand with our conscious minds. Just know that with the tools you’re given, you’re healing.

Matt: “Accept the release”

We spend a lot of our lives in our minds and then subconsciously suppress the emotions, feelings, sensations and the resistance within us that’s holding us back.

As we start to do this work, we relinquish that mind and then it starts to come up, and very quickly that mind wants to then collapse back down on it.

And this is what ‘doing the work’ is about. Allow the visions, feelings and release without trying to analyse them. Metaphoric or not, it is a release that you needed at that moment.

There can be a concern (particularly in regressions), that the person thinks they made the whole thing up. And the answer to that is it doesn’t matter if it’s healing you.

Matt: “Detach from the conscious mind”

We don’t have to understand with our conscious minds for visions to give you lessons and help you understand how you’re feeling. We need to learn how to detach from this way of living and thinking our way through life because we’re so much more than just physical bodies and our conscious minds. And this is what you’re learning now. And your meditations and your body are helping you to become aware of who you truly are.

Guy: “Say thank you for the vision”

When I was first leaning into this work, I wanted to know why I was feeling this in my body. What’s that got to do with what’s been represented in my external life? I wanted to piece it all together. And now, having the good fortune of being in the space, holding space for others, and being in the energy and working with the energy centres and experiencing it and feeling it and moving it, I look back upon the journey of my old self and I’m at the point now where I just know that something wants to move.

My emotional attachment to whatever reveals itself is very small now. And I just say, ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’. I don’t get attached to what comes. It took me a journey to get there but I welcome it in now. If bits and pieces still want to move so I can heal and upgrade myself, then I just say, ‘bring it on!’.

It’s important to remember that each time we try to understand something with our conscious minds, we are blocking this flow of information that is coming to us in ways that we can’t think of.

If you’d like to focus on healing led by Guy, Petra and Matt, find out about our upcoming retreats and workshops on the link below.

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