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How do I stop listening to the fear that speaks to me during meditation?

When you know your heart is guiding you during meditation, it can be hard to know how to override the fear you feel at making changes in your life.

What if you’re being guided to leave the only job you’ve ever known? Or end a relationship that you know deep down isn’t working?

We’ve all been there and learnt how to walk through this fear. Keep reading as we share our experience and how we walked through fear when we knew our heart was guiding us.

Petra: Write it down

“What you need to do is sit down and write why you cannot do this.

And when you start writing, just let your hand go. And don’t analyse doing the writing, just be in the flow. And then, when you stop writing, you will stop and look back and read what you wrote.

Because when we write, we lower our brain waves. We get into a trance state and we can access the beliefs and emotions that are on the subconscious level. And then you’ll be able to see what’s holding you back from living that life.”

Guy: Get passionate about doing the work

“It’s terrifying. It truly is because our whole identity is wrapped up in our career and what we’ve been doing and serving. I can resonate with that.

I always used to think of myself as trapezing. You’re on the bar, and then you build up the momentum and then you get so much space, and all of a sudden you just let it go. And then you’re free-falling, and then you’re waiting for the bar to appear on the other side and you catch it and go through.

And the question is, how do we let go of that?

When we feel comfortable enough in ourselves, and confident enough in ourselves to sit with the excitement of the free fall, instead of the sheer terror before the bar appears on the other side.

It’s just different ways of observing and getting to know yourself and really starting to understand what those blocks, beliefs and fears are. Because I believe that when we show fear regularly, it’s simply beliefs and at some stage in our life we have constructed a fear around that. And then, as Matt always says, when you dare to step through and step into, it’s like stepping into the empty room and it dissipates instantly and that never holds us back again.

I would continue to do the work every day and I’d get very passionate about it.

And, as Petra said, write!

I would carry a card with me and write down five things, the strongest reasons for what I want to move to, and why I’m doing it. And every time I had a moment in my day or when fear would come, I would sit, I would come into my heart space and I would read that and I would connect with my future self now. And then as I can continue to have that connection it would help me start to notice where I was holding tension, anxiety, and fears in the body and it would dissipate.

And I would train my body in that place so that, that, that whole, that crutch would become less and less each day, but it was a practice and I wanted it more than I wanted my past. So once, once I knew that I was all in, and then I started making decisions. And once you start making decisions the universe starts to meet you.

Matt: Try not to figure it out for yourself

I’m thinking of Reverend Michael’s quote, “The pain will push until the vision pulls”. And so having a clear vision or a clear purpose of where you’re going is almost like that rope that then you can grab onto and pull yourself out of where you are which is the fear and the limits and the doubts and all that.

It’s also very important to not try and figure out how we will get there. When we focus on how, we’re not allowing the universe to show and lead us to where we need to go to live our soul’s purpose. We are just interfering!

We’re not aware that we have such a limited way of seeing things with our conscious mind and that the universe has so much to offer and show us. If we stick to what we think is best, we’re losing the opportunity to live that amazing life. Connect with that vision of your future self and then let the universe show you the way.

You will get calls. You will get emails. You’ll see signs. You will just feel what’s your next step. And then step by step. It will lead you there to living your purpose.

To find out more about the work Live in Flow does to help people walk through fear, visit our website today.

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