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How do I become unstuck?

At some stage in our lives, we’ve probably all experienced ‘being stuck’ but are not quite sure how we got there in the first place and despair of getting out of the situation.

We know perfectly well what we don’t want ā€“ the dead-end job, the relationship that’s going nowhere, or a lifestyle we feel we didn’t sign up for. We get told we need to work through our negative thought patterns. That’s easier said than done when we aren’t quite sure what to do first.

Take the step ā€“ the answer will come

Allan Pease, the legendary motivational speaker and writer of several books, gave me a great tip when I interviewed him for a podcast. He suggested that instead of fantasising about a dream, we should get out there and try it out before making a commitment.

Pease gave an example of a guy who dreamed of playing golf every day once he retired. He had never played golf, so a friend suggested he try it first.

After one session, the would-be golfer hated dealing with the heat, sunburn and insects. The reality check showed him his dream was not one he would actually enjoy. He had to let go of that fantasy and move on to something else. He’d learned an important lesson: Try out your fantasies. Take action – even if it is just a small step – to make you aware of what you really enjoy. If you wait for the answers first, you’ll never make it happen.

This tip strongly resonated with me. As a former plumber, Iā€™d often wonder how to get out of the rut I was stuck in. It was only once I took steps that the answers came to me, never while I was following the same routine every day.

Reconnect with what you loved doing as a child

Try to remember something you loved as a child but have not found time for as an adult. Reconnect with what made you happy when life was simpler. It could be singing, painting, snorkelling, camping, photography or one of a thousand activities you enjoyed then, which could become your new career path or something you do simply because it frees your soul.

Take lessons, go on a camping trip, buy a camera, and see where your first step to reconnecting with your inner child leads you.

Listen to your heart, not your head

Too often, we overthink our choices and let our heads rule our actions. We are not suggesting throwing caution to the wind and rushing into rash decisions. Instead, during meditation sessions, allow your thoughts to flow across your consciousness. Examine each one, then let it go.

Do not struggle to find an answer. During the deep relaxation of meditation, let your heart direct you. The answers might come to you quickly, or it might take months. Both are OK, Keep coming back to the self with meditation, journaling and trusting that the more you keep showing up, the closer the answer is. Through the journey you will learn so much about yourself, your obstacles and desires…and that is how you actively create change.

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