Ground-Breaking Techniques Identify Links Between Mind and Body to Heal and Prevent Illness


With the mind and body connection undeniable, Live in Flow co-founder, Petra Brzovic, is proudly working in conjunction with a team of certified neuroscientists at Genius Research Unit.

This time, they are taking this work a step further by bringing the research team to Live in Flow’s retreat in Portugal!

The goal of the work is simple.

To help people all over the world reduce the impact on the physical body of ongoing stress, unresolved trauma and a lack of connection to self, and learn how to use their own power of mind and energy to enhance healing.

What causes physical illness? 

Our bodies are complex, wise and powerful.

In today’s modern world, once the internal balance is disturbed, illness occurs. Our internal balance gets disrupted by external stress and is dependent on our current ability to stay resourceful and resilient.

At the same time illnesses, especially ongoing and chronic illnesses, are powerful messengers that can highlight the areas of life that need attention and potentially, change.

Rather than trying to cure the symptoms, we use scientifically based techniques to help our bodies and minds get back into the balanced state.

What causes physical illness

We, as Live in Flow, are dedicated to helping people heal and transform their lives. On our Portugal retreat, we’re super excited to show attendees how amazingly powerful their bodies, brains, minds, hearts, nervous systems and energy are. We’ll also show what their own process of healing and transformation looks like because we will be measuring everything! How great is that? 😍

At our Reconnect retreat in Portugal we will be using the following techniques:

QEEG – Quantitative Electroencephalogram 

QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalography) is a form of EEG analysis that measures and graphically represents EEG metrics such as frequency, amplitude and connectivity in the form of so-called brain maps. By comparing your QEEG neurometry to a large, evaluated and reputable database, we can identify and interpret your unique patterns of mental strengths and weaknesses to identify areas of the brain where there is too little or too much activity.

This valuable data can also identify areas that are not optimally coordinating activity or not yet working together as well. This allows reliable statements about the mode of action and impact in the brain of any intervention (pre-post). It allows statements about the current mental state and the current state of consciousness.

HRV- Heart rate variability 

The VNS is a superordinate control centre in the body that controls and regulates subordinate processes and all vital functions such as blood pressure, breathing, heart rate, immune, hormonal and digestive system and energy supply.

HRV analysis measures the autonomic nervous system via heart rate variability (HRV). The VNS analysis is scientifically recognised worldwide and shows simply and quickly how our autonomic nervous system (VNS) regulates and functions.

GDV- Gas discharge visualisation 

Gas discharge visualisation (GDV) is based on the electrical activity of the human organism. In the disease state, the electrical activity of the human body is altered compared to the electrical activity in the healthy state. The electron communication is changed and so is the natural electro photonic emission of the organism.

The GDV technique is a method that combines Far Eastern medicine with the Western approach. The detection of the natural electro photonic emission of the human body, called GDV-gram, makes it possible to detect the functional state as well as the energetic reserves of a person in real-time.

Five-night retreat, Portugal, July 2023

Normen Schack and Petra Brzovic

We’re thrilled to announce Normeb Schack, QEEG expert and director of the German Institute for Neuromeditation. , who will attend the Portugal Live in Flow retreat in July 2023.

Our attendees will have the option to receive an analysis of the brain’s data, HRV and GDV to provide more information about any unresolved trauma and stress that may be impacting health and contributing to illness.

About Normen Schack

Normen is a globally renowned trainer who has been studying neurofeedback and biofeedback since 2009. With certifications as a QEEG Expert, Neurofeedback, Peak Performance, and NeuroMeditation Instructor, Normen is currently the director of one of the largest neurofeedback institutes in Germany.

In 2016, Normen founded the QEEG Research Unit designed to examine brainwave changes that occur during specific states of meditation.

With this background, Normen has continued to develop new programs designed to measure the connection between mind and body using various techniques such as QEEG, HRV and GDV. Normen has developed a new branch of his clinic called ‘Daily Genius’ designed to evaluate energetic techniques through an exclusive worldwide franchise called ‘Human Frequency Centre’.

Petra Brzovic and Client

The transformative therapies available at the Live in Flow retreat in Portugal in July 2023 will be tailored to help participants identify and resolve underlying issues, identify the cause of illness and live a life of complete freedom.


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