Get to Know the Seven Main Energy Centres of Your Body

Main Energy Centres of Your Body

Do you want to live a life in flow and connection, where mind, soul and the physical body work in synergy?

To have the best life experiences, you need to get to know the seven main energy centres of your body where the life force is most focused. Once you have these energy centres working in synchronicity, you will become more relaxed, more resilient, feel healthier, and access the creativity within you to assist you in living your dreams.

What is a chakra or energy centre exactly?

A chakra is part of the astral body, and the chakras or energy centres are considered to be inside the spine. The ancient Vedic texts of the Hindu religion describe the chakras as spinning discs or wheels of energy. Each is associated with a colour of the rainbow, a specific element, and has its chant or seed mantra. When the chakras’ energy is open, we feel better and can cope with what life brings. More importantly, instead of being at the mercy of life, we can create our bliss.

We will look at each chakra in turn, starting with the base root chakra and working up to the crown chakra to see how the various chakras affect our well-being.


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Muladhara is the Vedic name for the root or base chakra. The element associated with this chakra is earth and the colour red. When we wish to chant in meditation, we chant “Lam” to bring about a feeling of stability, confidence, strength and vital energy.

Svadisthana is the sacral chakra located about 4 inches below the navel. The element associated with it is water and the colour orange. This chakra is associated with our self-worth, creativity and sexuality. If it is out of balance, people tend to be obsessed with sexual thoughts and can be irritable and manipulative. The sacred chant for the sacral chakra is “Vam”. 

Manipura is the solar plexus chakra associated with fire and the colour yellow. When unbalanced, it is associated with anger and aggression, and we may also feel ‘off’, liverish, lack self-esteem and may even feel depressed.

When balanced, we feel confident, have focus and are productive. When unbalanced, There’s a saying about having a fire in the belly, meaning having the drive to achieve, see projects through, and succeed. The mantra for the solar plexus chakra is “Ram”.


Anahata, the heart chakra, is associated with air and the colour green. As expected, it is associated with love, passion, compassion and trust. When the heart chakra is balanced, we are more compassionate, empathetic and motivated. When unbalanced, emotions like jealousy, anxiety and moodiness come to the forefront. The chant for the heart chakra is “Yam”.

Visuddha, the throat chakra, is associated with blue and the ether. When a person’s throat chakra is unbalanced, they feel timid and find it challenging to express their thoughts or wants. Once balanced, the person will experience a sense of satisfaction as they can communicate more effectively. The chant for the throat chakra is “Ham”.

Ajna, or the third eye chakra located in the centre of the forehead, has the colour indigo associated with it. The chant is “Om”. The third eye is linked to transcendence and removing the karma of past lives. Meditation related to the opening of the third eye will bring liberating thoughts where a person can tap into their intuition. Insight, heightened intelligence and knowledge of self are all attributes of this chakra.  

Sahasrara, known as the crown chakra, is at the top of the head and is regarded as the centre for thought and spiritual breakthroughs. The colour associated with it is violet. There is usually no chant for this chakra, just silent meditation on nothing, everything, and all that lies in between. Sometimes the mantra “Aum” is used to help focus. When balanced, our cosmic consciousness is awakened, and we will experience inner peace and enlightenment.

There is much to learn about the energy centres within us and bringing them into balance.

Penny P. Lavin, an author, filmmaker, and energy healing practitioner, sat down on the Guy Lawrence Podcast to discuss how anybody can practice energy healing, how to get clarity on the big decision in life, and how we all have the power to change the energies that weigh us down.

Listen to Penny and Guy’s fascinating insight here.

Reading about the seven chakras is a good start, but it is best to join like-minded people to learn new techniques and tools under expert guidance on an overnight retreat. That way, with in depth knowledge and expert guidance you can advance faster in your practice and take back the techniques to assist you in your daily meditative practice.

You will find that, after a retreat, coping with juggling relationships, family, and work all become less stressful.

You’ll find yourself becoming more compassionate and understanding, generating a cycle of benefits as the positivity you send out into the cosmos returns, helping you attain balance and blissful harmony.



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