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How to Reconnect With Your Inner Child

inner child

Do you remember yourself as a child? The endless days of exploring the world around you and discovering new possibilities free from worries and judgments. As we mature into adulthood, it’s easy to put aside those activities from years gone by, often in exchange for formulating more severe plans and ambitions.

Yet, many don’t realise that within us exists an inner child whose knowledge is essential to living a fully realised life. Your inner child holds emotionally and spiritually invaluable wisdom, which becomes increasingly important in adulthood. So, what is your inner child capable of teaching you? How can it help you create a life that speaks to your fullest potential?

Let’s explore this fascinating concept together!

What is an inner child?

From the moment we’re conceived, a part of us stays with us that harks back to our childhood. Our inner child can be joyful and carefree sometimes, but it’s also prone to carrying any traumas or fears from long ago. As an adult, we may not always know the event that caused those feelings, but by exploring within ourselves, clues often present themselves.

We all have an “inner child” living in our subconscious. It has been picking up messages way before it could completely understand what was going on mentally and emotionally. It holds emotions and memories from the past and our dreams for the future.

what is inner child

Our inner child is always willing to communicate; we should be ready to listen and learn how.

What causes a wounded inner child?

Ever wonder what led to that pesky wounded inner child of yours? It could stem from not getting that toy you always wanted to more severe trauma like physical abuse or emotional neglect. It’s hard to pinpoint every little instance from your past, but one thing’s for sure, the impact of those childhood wounds can still linger long into adulthood.

Signs that your inner child needs healing

inner child needs healing

No one escapes childhood without a few emotional scrapes and bruises. Even if you had a pretty calm upbringing, ongoing drama or confusion can leave its mark. You might have dealt with some trauma, but other past ghosts could still lurk in your subconscious.

With this in mind, here are a few signs of a wounded inner child:

  • Discovering hidden childhood wounds through emotional overreactions

Have you ever wondered why minor incidents sometimes trigger intense emotions? It could be a sign of unresolved childhood wounds, even those buried deep in forgotten memories. Please take note of reactions that seem exaggerated, like feeling extremely angry when a friend checks their phone during a conversation; this could indicate that your inner child is still longing for the attention it was denied.

  • Self-sabotaging behaviours

Have you ever blown an opportunity to apply for your dream job or ruined a blossoming relationship with no apparent cause? If so, this could signify inner child-like fears manifesting in self-sabotaging behaviours. The consequences may range from minor lapses such as forgetfulness and procrastination to severe issues like rationalising away opportunities that would otherwise serve you well.

We must pay attention when these destructive behaviours are present; they often originate from unresolved conflicts during our formative years.

  • Unhealthy coping mechanisms

Are you spinning in circles to avoid life’s troubles? Some battle their inner demons by chasing unhealthy solutions like substance abuse, digital escapes, or never-ending to-do lists. Although these Band-Aid fixes help numb the pain, they don’t heal the scars. To truly mend our souls, we must face the music and learn healthier ways to manage emotions.

You can create harmony with your feelings by embracing self-reflection, taking deep breaths, and seeking supportive guidance.

  • Navigating troubled family waters

Family life isn’t always smooth sailing. Turbulent tides may include constant tension, feelings of rejection or being outcast, and emotional dependency on a parent. These stormy family relationships may signify unresolved childhood issues and unfulfilled emotional needs. Still echoing with your inner child’s voice, note how your family makes you feel today. It might just be a message from your younger self, seeking resolution and solace.

  • Battle the Inner Critic and Boost Your Self-Esteem

Ever find yourself constantly doubting and criticizing your thoughts and emotions? This inner critic might have occupied your mind since childhood, thanks to overbearing or demanding adults. But don’t let this ancient programming define you!

Embrace your inner child and become the confident, fabulous person you are!

  • Relationship issues

Feeling stuck in a loop of toxic relationships or constantly pursuing the unattainable? Your inner child may be nursing a deep wound, hindering your ability to form healthy connections.

In conclusion

The power of connecting to and understanding our inner child can lead to many positive outcomes. Not only can we feel a greater sense of joy and fulfilment, but we can also be more in touch with our intuition.

By addressing our inner childhood experiences, we can create an opportunity to cultivate meaningful connections.

Understanding our inner child is a powerful tool for self-discovery and growth on the road to living with purpose, clarity, and passion.






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