Northern NSW, Australia

Jan 07th – 10th, 2021

Price $1800

Early-Bird until Oct 1st 2020


Learn proven methods, tools & techniques to live life on your terms.

Step into life with confidence & embrace your future now.

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A 3 day ALL INCLUSIVE RETREAT experience that will help you let go of the old to let in the new.

Amplifying the power of a group, you will learn & experience how to:

Develop Your Brain/Heart Connection

Learn tools to help master your mind, and align it with your heart to live with more fulfilment and guidance daily.

Reconnect To Your Body’s Intelligence

Your body carries the memory of everything that you ever went through in your life. Learn how to free yourself from the past.

Align Your Energy Centers

Science is now showing how effective meditation is on the body. Learn simple skills to help influence the body & mind.

Experience The Powers Of Sound

Practised for thousands of years, they are designed to connect people to their authentic truth of who you really are.

“If you want to go quickly go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – African Proverb

” Guy Lawrence, Petra Brzovic and Matt Omo you all gave me an experience that I could never have dreamt of. I could never have known was even possible! My gratitude towards you all knows no bounds..
So I’m still not sure that what I experienced over the weekend was real. It honestly feels like an amazing dream. Since getting home a lot of our friends have been asking how it was but to try and explain it in words, which can’t possibly describe the emotions you went through, is impossible. Everyone at the retreat was amazing. We were surrounded by so many beautiful people”

– Andrew – Retreat attendee

The Format For The Retreat:

Each day we will move through the processes below using community, meditation, sound, energy and group intentions to create transformation in our lives.

1. Clearing

Day one we come together as a group and begin to let go to what no longer serves us.

2. Empowerment

Day two we move through our blocks & begin to step into our personal power.

3. Connection

Day three we begin to connect to our deeper selves and the infinite wisdom within us all.

4. Heal & Surrender

Day four we heal, seal & surrender so we can step into our truth & live life fully.

Gymea Eco Retreat Centre and Healing Spa

Located 40 minutes from Gold Coast or Ballina/Byron airport.

Experience & Rejuvenate In Nature

GYMEA Eco Retreat Centre and Healing Spa is a sustainable / eco retreat venue & healing spa positioned at the base of majestic Wollumbin / Mt Warning in the northern rivers region of New South Wales.

The property and facilities provide a rejuvenative and re-energising environment that supports retreats of transformation including health, spiritual, yoga, meditation and energetic retreats.

Feel the Vibrations of the ‘Octagon’

The ‘Octagon’ is a large 220m2 and versatile Hall with wonderful acoustics perfect for meditation, sound healing and group activities.

The vibration and energy in this room is certainly something to experience. Its elevated position offers wonderful views of Mt Warning and a great feeling of space.

Retreat Centre “eco deluxe” Accommodation

The retreat offers Eco Deluxe double rooms, which are all equipped with luxury 5 star eco inner sprung latex topped single or king beds. All bedding, manchester and room furnishings have been carefully selected to meet biodynamic or organic certification standards. Each room includes its own shower and toilet.

All rooms comfortably accommodate 2 singles or a couple. NOTE: due to the limited capacity, all rooms must be shared.

Meet The Team…

From left to right, meet Matt, Petra and Guy. Collectively they have over 30 years experience in facilitating and delivering this transformational work.

Each of their unique talents are blended together to bring you a rare opportunity to experience the full force of this trio at these events.

Books and philosophy you may have read are turned into real life application for an environment of true change.

All Inclusive Farm To Table Locally Grown Food

This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. We’ve spared no expense with this as we believe the choices of food we eat effect our health, our environment and our communities. Byron Bay has an abundance of local fresh produce and we want to take advantage of this.

This allows us to use organic and pesticide-free whenever possible. All food is prepared on-site, ensuring us the absolute freshest food possible. We will be following a paleo template with vegan options available. Note: this will be an alcohol free retreat.

“I absolutely loved the retreat and it was completely life changing. I discovered things about myself that I didn’t know were still holding me back…
…I am sooooo grateful to have met Matt Omo Petra Brzovic and Guy Lawrence and all the beautiful souls at the retreat. look forward to doing it all again! Ps. The food is also next level amazing”.

– Peggy – Retreat attendee

Do You Have A Yearning For More?

In a world of information, knowledge is not enough. To live the life you truly want, you have to go after it. Take the right knowledge and apply it. You have to embody it at a being level, not just at a intellectual level. Once you truly understand this, magic can happen!

Live In Flow Testimonials:

“…it feels like coming home.”

“…I found complete peace within myself.”

“…don’t wait 66 years to do this …”

Pricing & Payment

All Inclusive 3 Day Retreat

Jan 07th-10th, 2021

Northern NSW, Australia

Price $1800 AUD

Early Bird $1655 AUD if paid in full (until Oct 1st 2020)

>> Payment Plan Available. Click ‘Book Now’ for more info.



COV19: If for any unforeseen circumstances we can not go ahead with the retreat due to COV19, you will have two options available: 1) Simply transfer your ticket to a later date in the year free of charge. 2) Have a full refund minus $150 AUD processing fees.

About Matt Omo…

Matt is a leader of the sound healing movement in Australia with over 15 years experience working with a variety of sound healing techniques bridging cultures and traditions from around the world.

Over the last five years, the reach of Matt’s work has stretched across Australia and beyond benefiting thousands of people around the world. This is accomplished through workshops, speaking at health and wellness events and festivals, as well as leading sound journeys in corporate settings.

The work and awareness around sound healing and its benefits are growing every day. Matt is developing new programs and products to meet this need and continue to support people in discovering the benefits of the healing power of sound.

About Guy Lawrence…

In 2010 Guy co-founded health & wellness company 180 Nutrition. He has spent the last 15 years turning over every stone within the health industry to find out what actually truly makes us happy, healthy and strong and live a fulfilled life.

At the beginning of 2018, Guy stepped down from 180 Nutrition to start his new project Let It In. s

– Within 3 years, 180 Nutrition gained national media, became a multi-million dollar company and their podcast (with the same name) racked up over 2 million download over a 3 year period. This was achieved from making heart-based decisions (hint).

– Spent 5 days at a blind-study meditation retreat and generated the same amount of electricity in his body than an electric eel (true story).

– Spent 5 days with Wim Hof (The Ice Man) exploring cold-exposure, breath work & meditation to explore and master your own bodies responses and mind.

– Had his brain measured by neuroscientists and produced the same brain wave states of a buddhist monk of 40 years

About Petra Brzovic…

Petra is certified in many fields – she is certified transpersonal and clinical hypnotherapist, regression and Past life regression therapist, Life between Lives therapist, yoga teacher, aromatherapist, Fertile Body Method therapist, prenatal yoga teacher and a doula.

Petra is also a member of IACT International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

She intensively holds individual and group therapies and workshops in Croatia and abroad.

Petra has been working on the latest Body & mind medicine discoveries. With an international team of scientists she is running a research on brain, mind, body and soul connection, conciusness and healing.

Petra is proud member of dr Joe Dispenza‘s team helping him leading his students through change.

Also, Petra is devotedly learning in the field of mind&body medicine, neurology, neuroscience, brain function, qantum physics, epigenetics and neuroplasticity so she can help her clients to heal and transform in every way on all levels.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a phone call, or prefer to make a bank transfer, simply drop us an email below with the best time and number to call 😉

Contact us HERE.


Bookings, payment & cancellation policy2020-02-10T21:05:58+00:00

BOOKINGS All bookings must be made via our website

PAYMENT POLICY Payment must be received by us in full, prior to the retreat start date. If the payment has not been received by us prior to the retreat start date, the cancellation policy will apply.

CANCELLATION POLICY Due to our need to commit to accommodation and other arrangements in advance, refunds will not be issued for cancellation. If you are able to find a replacement to take your place, we will happily transfer your ticket to them. Transfers must be advised and completed no later than 2 weeks prior to the retreat start date.  

CANCELLATION BY US In the very unlikely event that a retreat is changed or cancelled by us, we will offer you the opportunity to transfer to a future retreat, or refund you in full any amount that has been paid to us for the changed or cancelled retreat.

If the change or cancellation is due to force majure (i.e. political unrest, war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, closure of airports or ports, industrial disputes, terrorist activity, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, epidemic health risk, Acts of God, adverse weather or other similar events beyond the control of Live In Flow Retreats, there will be no refunds given.


What time does the retreat start and finish?2020-01-22T03:48:34+00:00

Please arrive between 1.30pm – 2.30pm (NSW time) on day 1 of the retreat to check in. The retreat starts at 3pm. The retreat will finish at 2pm on day 4.

What time should I book my flights for?2020-01-22T03:47:38+00:00

We advise arranging your flight to arrive on the Gold Coast between 9am-10am on day 1 of the retreat, to allow plenty of time to make your way into Coolangatta and grab some lunch. The first retreat meal on day 1 will be dinner.

If you are flying out from the Gold Coast after the retreat finishes, we recommend your flight is no earlier than 4pm for domestic flights, later for international.

How will I get from the airport to the retreat centre?2020-01-22T03:46:39+00:00

We offer a bus transfer from Coolangatta to the Retreat Centre, depending on the numbers the cost is between $20-$30 per person. We will send a booking link to you once you register.

Directions for travel by car can be found here

Do I need to bring a yoga mat?2020-01-22T03:45:30+00:00

We provide mats and all props needed for yoga but you are welcome to bring you own.

Can you recommend somewhere to stay after the retreat finishes?2020-01-22T03:44:09+00:00

Brunswick Heads is a beautiful option, it is close to the beach and there is a nice little village for coffee and breakfast etc, it is also a 10 min drive to Mullumbimby.

Will we have our own rooms?2020-01-22T03:44:19+00:00

The rooms are twin share. There is an option for a double bed for couples or otherwise it will be 2 single beds. If you are coming alone we allocate the rooms on a gender basis. If you are feeling nervous about this, please just know that the roommates you will have will be a complete gift – please trust the process. There is a reason you will end up with whoever you end up with.

I’m vegan, are there options?2020-01-20T10:55:45+00:00

Yes absolutely. Our chef is amazing. All of the food is organic and locally produced. We will send you a questionnaire to inform us of any special dietary requirements and/or allergies.

I’m happy, well and young at heart but I’m sure I will be the eldest attendee. It seems that most others will be much younger than me. Hopefully I won’t cramp anyone’s style!2020-01-20T10:54:44+00:00

Absolutely not. If you have any doubts, please make sure you check out the testimonial from our beautiful attendee Inara who was 66 years of age when she attended our retreat. Age is certainly not a barrier

I’ve never left my kids before, any tips for how I can overcome my anxiety about this? I’m finding it very challenging.2020-01-20T10:53:33+00:00

Just know that you are coming back to your child as a better parent than the one who is leaving. You are not only doing this for yourself but for your whole family. You will shift and release so much that you will not want your child to keep on carrying what you have been holding. You will not only be healing yourself, but your child and your whole family. Just trust that there is a reason you have decided to come at this exact time.

I am worried about my health and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to physically do all of the activities, should I still come?2020-01-20T10:52:00+00:00

We can adapt all of our activities to suit anyone’s needs or challenges, so you will not struggle in any way. There is no need to worry about this. We ask each participant to complete a questionnaire prior to attending where you can advise us of any health concerns you have.

What clothes do I need to bring?2020-01-20T09:56:25+00:00

We will send you a full list of what to bring but we suggest comfortable clothes, some layers in case of varying temperatures and your swimwear

What can I do to prepare for the retreat?2020-01-28T02:05:08+00:00

We recommend that you start to observe how you are feeling in the lead up to the retreat. Start to keep a journal. This will help you to become aware of what is going on for you. Notice and record what you are feeling, what beliefs are you carrying that you would like to let go of. Think about what you really want from your life, what do you want your life to look like? What do you want to leave behind and what do you want to step into? Just observe what is going on.

We also recommend that you start some kind of meditation practice. If you don’t currently have one and you are not sure where to start, you can download Guy’s free heart coherence meditation from his website.

I am pregnant, will I still be able to do the majority of the retreat activities?2020-01-20T09:50:35+00:00

First of all, congratulations! There is no need for you to have any concerns about attending our retreat while pregnant. We will adjust the program to you so you will be maximally included and enjoy the benefits of the whole retreat and we will take good care of you. Our beautiful facilitator Petra happens to be a doula, prenatal yoga teacher and educator so you will be in very safe hands.

Why can’t I see an itinerary?2020-01-20T09:49:04+00:00

One of the main aspects of our retreat is learning to become comfortable to step into the unknown, as this is how life is. For this reason we have made a conscious decision not to share the retreat schedule. The beauty of this process is to allow you to trust life and trust the process and surrender.
Just know that every process has been beautifully planned to support you from the beginning to the very end. We’ve got you, you will be safe with us.

I am over 60 years old and have mobility issues, is this an obstacle?2020-01-20T09:47:51+00:00

One of our facilitators (Guy) has taken his 76 year old Mum to his Australian retreat. She has arthritis and poor mobility and she was able to participate fully in the retreat. Our facilitators will modify any activities so that everyone can participate, regardless of their physical abilities.

Is it Ok to come alone?2020-01-20T09:46:32+00:00

Absolutely. Many people come to our retreats alone and leave with lifelong friends. If you feel called to come along, we encourage you to follow your heart and trust there is a reason for you to be here with us.

Does it matter if I’ve never done yoga ever?!2020-01-20T09:28:38+00:00

Not at all. We are able to modify any of the activities to suit your ability. We have many people attend our retreats who have never done any kind of yoga and it is never an issue.

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Watch Interview with Guy, Matt & Petra ▷

Taken from the Guy Lawrence Podcast

Off the back of our two sold out retreats in August 2019, we thought it would be great to be able to share with you what goes on from our perspective.

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