Listening To Your Inner voice: Is It Your Head Or Heart Talking?

how to listen your inner voice


It’s easy to say ‘follow your heart’, but it’s also easier said than done… and more importantly, how do you tell the difference from the whispers of your heart to the noise in your head?

In this short video, we break down a few key points to help listen and trust your heart more each day.

– How to really know if it is your heart or your head talking?

– Well, if you would take time to settle down and to go into yourself and be in contact with yourself, your heart and retreat from the other world, you will know that your heart is talking to you. It’s really important that we all take time during the day to meditate and retreat from our environment. Then we will really get in touch with our hearts and our souls and that higher consciousness that is really giving us the right answers.

– I just want to say one little head-heart hack. If it’s from your head, it’s usually laced with, a dualistic or a contractual kind of thing. It contracts, it’s like a fear or insecurity or doubt or limitations. These types of things are all coming from the head. But if it’s an expensive kind of thought or feeling like joy, bliss, love, something that’s more whole, then that’s coming from the heart.

– Then the other component of that is the first thing that hits you is from the heart, and then once you sit with it, comes from the head.

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