Alya shares how she would always live with self-doubt and self-denial, and how she never felt good things could come er way.
In one of her meditations, she had an experience where she got the opportunity to cross the river of change… and she said it was such a gift!

Alya: So this was an incredible experience for me. The gift of Guy and Petra and Matt, Matt’s work and all they can do, is just out of this world amazing, and it’s really hard to find words to describe it. For me, I guess the biggest thing that I feel is that I have been able to drop a lot of self-doubt and self-denial of good things coming to me and I think it just got me even closer to the truth and kept the faith going that this is where I’m going and that I can also create a ripple in my world and continue this work, continue healing and just be more who I am.

All we have to do is just break through the limitations and blocks, and the program that we’ve been taught to live in. I go to different places in my meditation, I guess, but this one time, this one meditation, when we did the sound healing with Matt, I ended up just seeing all the people in the room, Guy and all the other people in the room, just follow and running towards some place. And when I went closer, I could see the river and it was that symbolic thing, crossing the river, and I’m like, “Oh my gosh”, but there was no bridge and the river was quite huge, but everything was calm, and I just went, “No, just follow, “just follow, cross the river, that’s your moment”. And it was just such a gift.

And there was so many other moments, but I think that one stood out for me and I’m really thankful to everyone and to myself, for allowing myself to get here and be part of it and take that next step on my journey. I think the message that really resonated with me is when Petra was saying, “You know, there’s no mistakes. “You fall, you get up, it’s a learning experience.” And all three of them kept on repeating that there is no, you know, that you can take fears and the things that scare you, you can take it as challenges rather than, oh that’s scary, I’m not going there. It’s more like, this is challenge for me and this is an opportunity to grow. And I guess I knew that, but I really experienced that this time. Yeah, it’s just actually having the experience rather than knowledge of something only.

Knowledge is great, but I think having experience, that becomes a really powerful thing and, you know, that then turns into some type of wisdom inside of you, because you have experienced it with your body, your mind, your soul, your heart. And yeah, just gratitude, pretty much, and just know that what these guys are doing is amazing and I know that they’re going to bring it to way more people out there and it can’t happen fast enough.