Pauline shares there was a safe place for her to be herself and come together as a community to nourish her body and soul during the retreat.

Pauline: I’ve been following Guy for years, since his early 180 days, he podcast. And they always intrigued me. So yeah I just found that the information I learned from his group and his process was fascinating. And I was doing a lot of learning but not so much doing. So this was a good opportunity to dive deep and do the work.

I definitely feel, just at a deeper level that I’ve got a better understanding of myself. Reconnection. You can often go to a retreat and they’ll tell you words you know this is a safe sacred place and you’re respected and there’s no judgment. But you don’t feel that and so these guys really do a good job of feeling secure and just that you can explore and be yourself and yeah, there’s no judgment.

If anyone’s thinking about doing, would highly recommend it. Yeah. Yeah what else can you say? Just, it’s just a really lovely space to be in. And the people are amazing. You very much come here as a person and you leave really as a community and a collective group that’s connected. You’re getting nourished both your body and, and your soul.