Ex-police officer Brent shares his Live In Flow Retreat experience. After suffering PTSD, he began to look at other methods of supporting it and decided to come to our retreat.

Brent: For me to get here has been a long, long journey, probably 26 plus years. Uh, I’ve dipped my toe in and out of this, um, this sort of space a lot. Um, in March this year I hit a pretty big wall and decided that action needed to be taken. Uh, thankfully, uh, I’d been listening to Guys’ podcast for a while. A good mate of mine put me onto them. And, uh, I was, I was, I was very lucky in the fact that on the day that I really needed help, I happened to uh, um, I’m not very good with technology and I happened to do something wrong with my iPhone. And one of Guys podcast came up and, uh, the first words out of his mouth were, ah, I’ve got a few spots left on, on our, um, on this retreat. So I just booked it. I had no expectations, no idea what I was getting myself into and just let it roll.

To be quite honest, I wouldn’t have a clue. Some of the things that have gone on, uh, I just know it’s changed me, um, mentally and physically. Um, being in a place where there’s absolutely unconditional love, ah, support, help, all those sorts of things. I think the most important thing that I can take out of this whole show at two things, um, one is something Petra said yesterday, which brings that small child back into you.. And I think we all forget that small child that has been in us who didn’t care about expectation or, or fear or, or not knowing what was going on. Just bring that child back into you. That was a big takeaway. And the second biggest takeaways is… Out of this group of people and it was said by, uh, Hannah yesterday. Um, she’s home. So I actually feel like I’m home again.

Um, if I can ever say I’ve ever been in, had a home to come to, this feels like home. So for me, that’s, it’s, it’s a wonderful experience. Anyone that’s thinking about doing it or having a hard time, uh, the biggest catchphrase in the, in this whole thing is lean into it. Uh, I think you’re doing yourself a disservice, especially as, as, as a bloke, as a man. If you’ve got issues and you’ve, and you’ve had dramas in your life and you’ve had stress, um, let’s say PTSD, any of those sorts of things that have happened in your life, it’s worth every, uh, every energy you can put into it to have a crack at this stuff because it does make a difference. And I can promise you it will make a difference to your life. It makes a difference to, to yourself and also very importantly, it’s, it also makes it a big change to your family.

And that’s, that’s my end goal is for me, but also to make sure that for the, for the, for the next 40 or 50 years that I’m on this earth, um, on, I’m able to, to spread that ability and love and caring and trust and all the things that, that have come back to me, uh, to my daughter, my wife, and um, and, and my daughter’s kids in the future. Um, Petra, Matt and, and, uh, Guy, keep it up. Um, every opportunity you get, to spread this is, is it’ll spread it out to other people. And, and the more people that can have a, uh, dive into this and have a go at it, I’ll tell you what, all make a difference. Thanks.