Australian Flood Relief Meditation

Help us support those impacted by the flood in NSW/QLD Australia

Join Us Here >> https://www.liveinflow.com.au/flood-relief


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Matt: Hey everyone. I’m Matt. This is Guy next to me. I don’t know what side he’s on. And then we’ve got Petra Brzovic who’s also part of Live and Flow.

Guy: We facilitate retreats, workshops, online meditations. We actually do a monthly meditation pay by donation normally, and we support people through any change, any grief, any trauma. And we apply our combination of skills for that work. I’d be amazed if you haven’t seen, but the floods here within Australia, the devastation that it’s caused. The people, the families, the businesses that have been impacted, include houses as well is just been catastrophic. And we wanted to put a online space, the sacred space together, the dates and everything below. March the 17th, where we can all come together and raise proceeds as well. So we can donate directly to the people that need help the most.

Absolutely. And we’ve selected three places where the money’s going to go directly to where it needs to. So it’s not going to get caught up in a whole bunch of admin fees and get lost in the shuffle. So we’re pretty confident that every dollar that you put in here is going to go directly to where it needs to go for the most support. And another thing that I want to mention too, is that, this being a meditation, a place where we can unplug, really get into our hearts and start to heal at a deeper level. A lot of times I get the kickback and it’s common that when we get into a place of a threat or a traumatic event like this, that we’re like, well, this isn’t a time to meditate. I’ve got bail water out of my living room and try and save my life.

Matt: So I can’t really stop to meditate. That just seemed ridiculous. And I absolutely hear you there. And there is survival component to this, but if we push ourselves so hard and try and survive and we get into overwhelm, we can fall on our faces and it causes even more strife in an already challenging situation. So what we found is that it’s really paramount to be able to maintain a balance in ourselves so that we can show up for the challenges that are in front of us and actually move through them with a greater capacity to do it for ourselves and for everyone around us. So we feel that this is not only going to bring money to those that are in need to help support the physical stuff, but also then create a balance within ourselves so that we can support one another from the best place possible in our hearts.

Guy: Yeah, absolutely. And we are reaching out to you guys, the global community. Obviously we reach people from all around the world seeing this right now. And we appreciate everyone is in a very different circumstance. Some have already contributed. People have been giving their time and people might not even be aware of the devastation of the effects that have been happening.

Guy: So when you look at the options below, you can donate as little or as much as you want. And also there’s an element there where you can register, just register for free and come and just be in the space as well. And that’s for you. If you are needing support from that side as well. So we want to cover all bases. There’s certainly no judgment from our end. We just want to be able to put this together and contribute and help give back to this community that has been extremely special and so supportive for us. Especially as we run our retreats, not far from Europe, the [inaudible 00:03:37] as well here in northern New South Wales. It’s a place dear to our hearts. And just by even turning up on the meditation, you are actually contributing to the whole, from that place as well.

Absolutely. We want you to know that wherever you are, whatever you’re dealing with, you’re not alone. So come join us.

A hundred percent. Yeah. Come join us. And please share this link. If this resonates with you or you need someone else, need support to come and join this space as well. Please share this link around with family and friends and let’s come together for this beautiful evening of meditation. Much love.

See you guys.

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